Spring Tune-Up: Your Air Conditioner Will Thank You this Summer


April showers bring May flowers, but May flowers bring the heat around Lexington. If you haven’t turned your air conditioner yet, you likely will soon.
You could roll the dice and hope for the best on that first 90 degree day of summer, or you could take a few simple maintenance steps now. The second option, however, includes much less sweating.

Spring Air Conditioner Maintenance
If you want to keep your air conditioner running efficiently this summer and extend the life of the unit, your first step would be to call Lexpro for scheduled maintence. Regular service to your unit can generate you serious savings in the long run.
Properly maintaining your air conditioning unit can save you as much as 15% on your energy bills. It may also be able to double the life of your unit. Simple solutions your technician provides, like changing filters and topping off refrigerant, could add years to your air conditioner’s life.
Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Before your technician arrives for the tune-up, there are a few questions you can prepare to optimize the service.
Does anything seem to be in disrepair, like broken coils or water build up?
How well was your unit performing at the end of last season? Did the temperature match the thermostat setting?
Did your furnace turn on and off through the night? What was the air overly dry or humid?
As for what you can do to keep your A/C unit running properly, start by removing leaves and debris from around your air conditioner. Make sure all the vents inside the house are open all the way and the vent covers are cleaned.
Remember that when it comes to your home’s comfort level, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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